Invasion of Azgol // Ashen Reaper [March of the Machine]

Invasion of Azgol // Ashen Reaper [March of the Machine]

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Set: March of the Machine
Type: Battle — Siege
Rarity: Uncommon
Cost: {B}{R}
(As a Siege enters, choose an opponent to protect it. You and others can attack it. When it's defeated, exile it, then cast it transformed.)

When Invasion of Azgol enters the battlefield, target player sacrifices a creature or planeswalker and loses 1 life.
Eternal hatred fuels eternal fire.
Reverse Type: Creature — Zombie Elemental
Menace At the beginning of your ends tep ,put a +1/+1 counter on Ashen Reaper if a permanent was put into a graveyard from the battlefield this turn.
Eternal hatred fuels eternal fire.

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