Ankh'or (Ankhor)

Ankh'or (Ankhor)

Ankh'or (Ankhor)

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Welcome to AnkhÕor, the second game from Space Cowboys 2-Player line. AnkhÕor takes place in ancient Egypt where players need to
be savvy in the marketplace and a skilled builder if they want to get ahead. Each turn, players either collect resource tokens, like Fish, Cloth, or Bamboo, or they spend those tokens in the market to collect building tiles.

Some tiles have special abilities, such as the Warehouse that can store resource tokens or the Scribe that grants players an immediate bonus turn. As tiles are acquired, players must place them in their growing structure. At the end of the game, they score points for grouping tiles of the same symbol and the same color. The player with the most points earns the favor of the gods.

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