May Comics Look Ahead!

by Phoenix Comics and Games

Hi there folks! Welcome to our May look ahead blog. In the interest of helping folks stay up on new comic series and happenings well before they hit the shelves, we're delving into the catalogues each month to put forth reviews and recommendations as well as notifications about new series for popular franchises and tie-ins for big crossovers. So if you were wondering what's new and fun coming out this May, read on and find out more!

Reviews and Recommendations

Looking for a new series or two to follow? Here are a few recommendations for new series courtesy of Team Phoenix! This month's reviews are all from Nick! 

Eight Billion Genies!

Image Comics, Charles Soule (writers), Ryan Browne (Artist)

Eight billion people in the world. Eight billion genies. Eight billion wishes. All at once. I really wanna see where this one's going. It's a fun concept, one that the crew behind Curse Words sell by way of a cartoonishly impish array of genies against an all too grounded cast of everyday people.

Jurassic League (6 Issue Mini-Series)

DC Comics, Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon (writers), Juan Gedeon (Artist)

Someone out there on the internet needs this. Is it you? Probably! Behold, a justice league of dinosaurs! This isn't a comic book I have high expectations about being anything beyond exactly what's on the cover, but it is a comic I am definitely going to have fun reading.

Aquaman Andromeda

DC Comics, Ram V (writers), Christian Ward (Artist)

I never thought I'd be recommending an Aquaman book. Leave it to Ram and Christian to find an original angle for this character that hasn't really been touched - Cosmic Horror. I've only seen a 3-ish page preview and whooboy Christian Ward's art is gonna be a spectacularly good fit here.

F*ck this place!

Image Comics, Kyle Starks (writers), Artyom Topilin & Lee Loughridge (Artist)

I read the synopsis of this book, and the title is dead on accurate AF. Imagine inheriting a house that not only turns out to be haunted, but once you've taken possession you can't leave. Well, that's the situation our two protagonists find themselves in with this book. To deal with the house and its ghosts, they'll have to learn to play by a very specific set of rules.

Danger Street

DC Comics, Tom King (writers), Jorge Fornés (Artist)

Did you need more Tom King in your life? He's back, and paired with Rorschach artist Jorge Fornés once again to tell a story involving some of DC's less well-known heroic types, Starman, Metamorpho, and the Warlord. Plus it looks like the helmet of fate is involved too? You have my attention and curiosity piqued.

Noteworthy Tie-Ins

For the second half of this little post we'll be trying to help you stay up to date on any crossovers or tie-ins that might be popping up. We won't be covering things in detail as much in this section, instead our goal is to give you some cursory info on each series and let you decide for yourself how deep of a dive you want to do.

This month's noteworthy tie-ins come in a few different flavors!

Critical Role Mighty Nein Origins - Fjord HC

Matt Mercer fans, you've got a new book coming up! Help us make sure we have enough on hand, order a copy with us today.

Fables Returns!

Bill Willingham's long running Fables series is back with a 151st Issue. If you wanted and needed more of this series, well, here you go!

X-Titles for the X-Fans

There's three books to be aware of here. Claremont's back on a 5 issue Gambit mini-series. X-Men Legends is getting a new first issue relaunch beginning with Roy Thomas of Giant-Size X-Men fame. And there's a new X-Men Unlimited 2-parter: X-Men Green (this was a digital first book getting a print version).

Star Wars

There's two new titles for fans of Marvel's Star-Wars books to keep an eye one. Just in time for his new streaming series we're getting a new Obi-Wan Kenobi 5-issue mini-series. And Jason Aaron & Kieron Gillen are back for a one-shot of our favorite evil wookie in the Star Wars Tales: Kirrsantan #1.

Fun One-Shots and Nice-To-Haves

Space Trash Volume 1

Oni Press, Jenn Woodall (Writer / Artist)

You have Sloane to thank for this one being on my radar. It's a high-school misfits story on the moon! This book evokes a grungy underfunded high school experience while giving it a science fiction flavor that I didn't think I'd ever see combined in just this way. Thank you for pointing this out Sloane!

And that's it for this month's look ahead! We'll be back later this month for another look at what's in store for you comics fans in May and June. In the meantime, if you'd like to subscribe to any of these books, we've got you covered! Follow this link and let us know which comics you'd like to add to your pull list, or if you don't have one going yet, you can also start up a pull list in that very same link. For more details about our subscription policy, head over here.


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