Starting a Subscription

Starting a Subscription

Tired of making it in late on Wednesday, only to find that your favorite book's already gone off the wall? There's a simple and cost effective way to deal with that - subscribe! If you're looking to start or update your subscription file, this is the place to do it. We'll also go over common questions you might have as well as our expectations for what it means to be a subscriber here at Phoenix.

Getting Started - Opening Your Subscription

Here's the bare minimum you need to know when opening up your subscription: we need your name, phone number, email, and a list of comic series that you want to subscribe to. You can fill out the form below, or if you'd rather bring in something analog, we've got a form right here for just such an occasion.

Need to update your pull list by adding or removing things? You can do that through this form as well! Just select the appropriate option. We'll notify you by email when the changes have been processed.

Quick Disclaimer: by opening a subscription with us, you're agreeing to the terms of service as mentioned later in this article. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with those rules before you proceed.


Subscriber Benefits

Being a subscriber has a lot of perks! While these perks are subject to occasional alteration, we will notify all subscribers with a month's worth of lead-time in the event that we plan to alter them. Current perks include:

  • No Charge and no minimum to open a subscription!
  •   5% Storewide Discount for   5-15 Monthly Titles
  • 10% Storewide Discount for 15-25 Monthly Titles
  • 15% Storewide Discount for 25+ Monthly Titles
  • Free Local Delivery for orders over $25
  • Preview Catalogues are always sold to you at cost!

These perks replace the previous discount tiers and perks beginning April 1, 2021.

Subscription Terms of Service

Here's what we're asking from you in exchange for the benefits and the subscription service itself.

  • Please check in on your box once a month to purchase what's inside.
  • Know your limits - make sure your box is routinely getting cleared out. Leaving a few books in there once in a while is fine, but please don't order more than you can pick up within a 1-2 month time period.
  • Be proactive with your subscription management - tell us when we should add or remove books in a timely fashion so that we can adjust our orders in time.
  • Keep your contact information up to date. 

That's really about it! As long as your abiding by these terms, we are happy to have you as a subscriber. Welcome aboard!

Subscriber FAQ

Here's a short list of some of our frequently asked questions.

Q: What counts as a monthly book for ongoing titles and discount tiers?

A: We count a monthly book as any ongoing title or mini-series that comes out actively each month. Usually this means just comics are counted for discount purposes.

Q: How long does it take for me to start getting comics once I sign up?

A: New comics are constantly coming out, so it could be as quickly as the following week! Once we put the first comic in your box, we'll notify your by phone or email that you now have an active subscription. Past that point, we expect you to stop by on your own schedule to check in on the box.

Q: How far out can I subscribe to things?

A: The typical time frame for signing up for a new series is about 2 months from its release date. The best way to check to see if a series is available to subscribe to is to check the Previews catalogue. If it's in there, we can subscribe you to it!

Q: How close to release can I subscribe to things and still be guaranteed to get them?

A: For most large publishers, you can subscribe to stuff as late as three weeks ahead of its release date and still be confident that a copy will get set aside for you when we receive them. This is what we refer to as the final order cutoff (FOC) date. Once the FOC for an item has passed, we can still subscribe you to a book, but this will be pulling from our shelf copies. If we don't have enough shelf copies, we may not be able to get that issue for you at release.

Q: What happens if I miss coming in?

A: If we haven't seen you in more than a month, we'll reach out twice. The first time will be a gentle reminder that you've got comics here, and the second time will come with a request to check in on the box by the end of the current month. At that point, we'll close your file and re-shelve its contents.

Q: What if I need to go out of town for an extended period of time?

A: Just get in touch with us and let us know. We can add notes to your file to keep it open, or arrange for payment through our website.

Q: I want to subscribe to variant covers. How do I do that?

A: We don't offer subscriptions to specific covers at this time. However, you can put in requests for various covers, and we will do our best to fill them for you as they arrive. Please bear in mind that a lot of variant covers must be ordered well ahead of time, and are often gated behind order minimums or ratios. The best practice here is to be as proactive as possible when requesting these.

Q: A book got put in my pull box but I didn't want it. Why is that?

A: Sometimes we'll make a judgement call if the creative team is the same, or if we think this is relevant to your subscription interests (the easiest example of these recommendations are annuals). In these cases you are not obligated in any way to pick up the book.

Q: I want all of a crossover. How do I do that?

A: All you have to do is ask. We'll go over the list of books coming out and figure out the best way to cover you for all of a given title. Fair warning - sometimes with large crossovers, "all" can mean quite a lot!

Q: Can I subscribe to graphic novels?

A: Sure! They don't count towards your subscription discounts, and they typically come out at a much slower pace, but there's nothing stopping you from doing that.

Q: How do I adjust my subscription?

A: There are three ways: 1) Use the form at the top of this page; 2) Email us here at the shop; 3) Tell us what you want us to change when you stop by.

Q: How many titles can I subscribe to?

A: As many as you can reasonably afford! Our suggestion is to start small, and realize that every monthly book on your pull list is around $4 a month. Set a budget for yourself