March Comic Look Aheads

March Comic Look Aheads

March is just around the corner, and so are a host of new comics! Sloane, Nick, and Elise have been hard at work to find you new titles and one-shots to take a peak at, and why we think you'll want to read them. So read on and find out what we think is cool and coming out next month!

Reviews and Recommendations

This month we've got the tale of one very lonely mermaid in a mech suit, some Rick Remender-y dystopian sci-fi epics, and two different flavors of comics about humanity's canine and feline companions. If you do see something you want to order just reach out to us via the subscription update form. Also let us know if you read a review that really sparked your curiosity next time you're in the shop! Feedback is always appreciated and welcome.

The Last Mermaid #1 

Image Comics

By Derek Kirk Kim

This comic is about a mermaid and her pet axolotl venturing across a post-apocalyptic wasteland in a giant mech suit. Frankly that should be enough to get you to read this book all on its own. This particular mash-up of sci-fi and fantasy tropes reminds me of Step by Bloody Step and Black Cloak, two recent books that really got their hooks in me. But if battles between a mermaid in a mech and bands of wasteland cannibals and mutated desert creatures don’t have you convinced, the writer’s pedigree certainly should. Eisner/Harvey/Ignatz award winner Daniel Kirk Kim’s background in animation really comes through in the beautiful preview pages we’ve seen – years spent away from comics working on shows like Adventure Time and Amphibia lend readable linework, strong character design, and a sense of movement to a painterly style. I have no idea where this lone wasteland wanderer is going, or why, but I’m excited to find out. 

– Sloane

P.S., - Derek Kirk Kim will be at the Image panel at Emerald City Comic Con this year to talk about the book, so if you’re there be sure to check it out!

Napalm Lullaby #1

Image Comics

By Rick Remender (writer) and Bengal (artist)

In what he describes as “my first foray… into superheroes since I left Marvel a decade ago,” Rick Remender is back with a dystopian sci-fi epic about an authoritarian theocratic state. When a child is born with unbelievable powers, a dogmatic cult forms around him, proclaiming him the Magnificent Leader, and forcing those who don’t agree with his rule out into the toxic slums. Remender is pairing up with artist Begal who he worked with on Death and Glory, and while further details about the book’s plot are pretty hard to find right now, the textless preview pages show that Bengal’s art is stylish and dynamic, as always. The first issue is going to be double sized too, to really set the stage for the rest of the story, so it’ll definitely be worth picking up when it comes out on the 13th.

– Sloane

Feral #1 

Image Comics

By Tony Fleecs (writer), Trish Forstner (artist), and Tone Rodriguez (artist)

Wow Image trifecta this week!  Feral is what happens when you hand the script for Homeward Bound over to a horror writer and let them put their own take on the pet-journeying-back-to-human story trope that was all too common in my childhood. And then you illustrate it like something Don Bluthe would draw. And then you add Walking Dead vibes cause these poor domestic cats are wandering the woods amidst a horrible rabies outbreak.

If you're not familiar with this creative team, I highly highly encourage you to check out his work from 2021 and 2022 - Stray Dogs and Stray Dogs: Dog Days. Read those and you'll have a pretty good idea for what I expect out of Feral. Tony and his art team did an absolute fantastic job of amping up the tension and slow burning terror in Stray Dogs, and I have absolutely no doubt they'll manage the same thing for Feral.

- Nick

Man’s Best #1

Boom Studios

By Pornsak Pichetshote (writer) and Jesse Lonergan (artist)

Rounding out the month is what I hope is maybe a more upbeat and adventure-esque tale of man's best friends. Man's Best follows a trio of household animals turned cybernetic augmented emotional support animals bound for the stars. When their ship crashes and their humans are captured go on journey to save them after getting kitted out with cybernetic limbs, a robot mecha-cat suit, and a giant rocket. The art's got elements of adventure and sci-fi that feel grounded while still feeling out-there, and the more I see of this book the more I love it. Expect this one to join my pull list next month. 

- Nick

New X-Titles


March debuts four new mini-series all targeted at various levels of X-fans out there. If you're looking for a good solid jumping on point with a relatively low bar for continuity, Ultimate X-Men is an excellent choice (plus tons and tons of Peach Momoko art). X-Men Forever should be an auto-include for any of those Immortal X-Men (or Kieron Gillen) stans. And Weapon X looks like a good fit for those X-Force and Wolverine folks.

The only big unknown (or x-factor if you will) is X-Men '97 - the rare prelude to a TV series that I actually recommend folks try out. It's written by Dark X-Men and Dead X-Men writer Steve Foxe. And hey, if you read it, you should check out the upcoming new animated series based on the 90's show. I've heard that most of the old voice actors are coming back for it!

Updated February 15, 2024: Okay y'all the trailer just dropped and if the original 90's X-Men series was your jam then boy do I have good news for you! I am way excite for this!!!!


One-Shots & Graphic Novels

Leave it to Elise and Sloane to find not one but two fantastic looking romance graphic novels due out this month. If you like slice of life style romance, read on and check them out.

So Long Sad Love 

Drawn & Quarterly

By Mirion Malle

“Every guy’s been a creep at one point or another… Right?” When Cleo discovers that her boyfriend wasn’t the man she thought he was and is forced to break up with him, she finds her entire life coming apart at the seams. Her friendships, work as an artist, her entire life that she’s built for herself abroad come tumbling apart. But just as things begin to unravel, she’s able to find a new way forward in life, by following her heart and discovering herself in the place she has always felt most at home: in the company of other women. In her follow-up to Harvey-Award Nominee This is How I Disappear, French comics artist Mirion Malle is poignant and sincere, and presents a situation that is all too familiar to most of us. This book is sure to earn a spot on our queer comics showcase when it comes out, and hopefully on your bookshelf at home too.

 – Sloane

Rainbow! Vol. 1


By Sunny (writer) and Gloomy (artist)

I’m such a sucker for queer young adult romance. As someone who didn’t realize I was queer until I was in my 20’s and didn’t come out for years more I love media where gay teens get to be just that. When done right I almost feel a sort of grief for the teen me who didn’t get to have these formative queer relationships. 

In Rainbow!, main character Boo uses her overactive imagination as a form of escape from her difficult home life and the stresses of navigating work and being a senior in high school. She imagines herself a magical girl and a princess, everyone around her is just a player in her fantasy. But, when she meets the girl of her dreams, Mimi, she has a hard time reconciling the dream version of Mimi with the real one. Is it time to leave her fantasies behind and enter the real world? Or will she retreat ever further in her dreams?

Written and illustrated by non-binary duo Sunny and Gloomy, Rainbow! draws comparisons to the likes of Magical Boy and Heartstopper with art inspired by Steven Universe. It is described by the artist as a book, “about lesbians with overactive imaginations.” Originally published digitally, it is making its paper debut this month and it's one I look forward to in March.

 - Elise

And that's it for our March look aheads! Next month's look aheads should be up by mid-March, and we hope to keep this energy up and have them for you a full month ahead of time going forward. Thanks for reading, and if you saw something you wanted to add to your pull (or want to start a subscription for the book), use our handy little google form and submit that request!