August & September Event Updates!

August & September Event Updates!

A very hazy August has arrived, and with it a few small schedule tweaks and changes, but also more new stuff on the horizon! Interested in finding out more about our planned events for the next couple of months? Read on and find out more!

August & September Schedule of Events

As with our previous blog, we do want to begin this section with a short note regarding our Covid-19 Protocols. While we will be increasing our capacity cap (more on that below), proof of vaccination is still required to play at our tables and masking up is mandatory in the store. For more information on our logic and reasoning behind all that, please check out our updated Covid-19 response blog here.

August marks the return of a couple of a couple of weekly and monthly events, not to mention Free Comic Book Day (which got it's own blog post earlier this month, so check that out when you've got a sec). Here's a quick reminder / rundown of what our monthly, weekly, and other one-shot events are.

Monthly Events

  • *NEW* Narrative Games Northwest (Monthly on the first Monday of every month at 6 PM)
  • Queer Geek Board Game Meetup (Usually on the second Saturday of every month, but this month it's Aug 7)
  • XL Bears Board Game Meetup (Monthly on the second Sunday)

Weekly Events

  • Tuesdays at 6 PM: Magic Modern Constructed Event
  • Wednesdays at 5 PM: Magic Commander Open Play Night
  • *NEW* Thursdays at 6 PM: Magic Legacy Constructed Event
  • Fridays at 6 PM: Magic Rotating FNM Drafts!

Important August / September Dates

  • August 14: Free Comic Book Day
  • August 20-21: Mystery Booster, Convention Edition Drafts
  • September 17-19: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Prerelease Weekend
  • Oct 30-31: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Commander Party

FNM Draft Schedule 

Preregistration on all of these drafts* will be available beginning the day before at 11 AM. 

  •  August 6: Commander Legends
  • August 13: Zendikar Rising
  • August 20: Mystery Booster, Convention Edition
  • August 27: Strixhaven
  • September 3: Modern Horizons 2
  • September 10: Kaldheim
  • September 17 - Innistrad Midnight Hunt Prerelease
  • September 24 - Innistrad Midnight Hunt
  • October 1 - Innistrad Midnight Hunt
* - Mystery Booster Convention Edition Drafts and the Innistrad Midnight Hunt Prerelease Events will have a larger preregistration window since there's more than one event during each of those weekends.

    Higher Capacity Caps

    Thanks to everyone's dedication and willingness to mask up and get vaccinated, we're able to raise the capacity cap! The new capacity for August is between 32-36 people playing in the shop. This cap will vary based on the types of games being played and the general level of foot traffic in the store.

    As with our previous capacity cap, we'll be re-evaluating it on a monthly basis. If things look good and we haven't had any issues with the current level of safety protocols, then we'll raise it up a little higher! So keep masking up, and get vaccinated so you can come join us for events!  

    Love Your Local Game Store Promotion Part 2

    This summer we got to give out a bunch of sweet sweet retro-border fabled passage promos for those of you who purchased $50+ worth of sealed Magic product. As we head into the fall, we've got a different kind of promotion happening - this one's centered around events.

    Beginning the week of August 9, and for every week that follows until we run out, we'll be giving out a different amazing looking retro-border foil-y promo card, along with a code for some bonus arena goodies!

    All you have to do to get it is participate! We're giving out 1 of these to everyone who participates in a paid weekly event. Commander players will also get a chance at them. We'll be giving out 10 promos at every Commander event, selected from those who sign up for the event on their MTG Companion App.

    To make things relatively simple, we'll be alternating which color card we offer every week. So for example: the week of August 9 will be the Aven Mindcensor, the week of August 16 will be Dig Through Time, etc. 

    D&D Adventurer's League Call to Arms!

    Attention Dungeon Masters! We're looking for two DMs who want to run Adventurer's League. We've got openings in our calendar on Monday evenings right now and we think that would be the perfect spot for some Adventurer's League games. If you like that idea too, please reach out to us via the store contact page, or stop by the shop and let's chat!