Updated Covid-19 Response

by Phoenix Comics and Games

In an ongoing commitment to the safety of our team and our guests, here is a quick update to our In-Store Play safety guidelines that we released earlier this summer. We will continue to monitor the spread of Covid-19 and its variants as well as the efforts to abate the pandemic, and as necessary update our own protocols.

Covid-19 Response Update

So this is kind of a good-news-in-spite-of-the-bad kinda post. Based on the current rate of spread, the rise of the more infectious delta variant, and the dropoff in vaccination rates, we have determined that our current previous policies regarding masks and checking of vaccination records must remain in effect. In order to make sure that all the information remains in one easy to access place, here it is again:

  • We ask that you remain masked (using a well-fitted mask that covers both nose and mouth) at all times.
  • When you check in with our team, we will ask you to show us a completed vaccination card with a final appointment dated 2 weeks ago or more (a photo on your phone is fine, but we need to be able to see the card and the data on it clearly).
  • Food at the tables will be prohibited for the time being. Drinks are allowed, but please bear in mind that we expect you to still keep your mask on while at the tables. Consider bringing a straw for your drinks or water bottle if you get thirsty.

We believe that if you are vaccinated and taking precautions such as masking up, washing your hands, and staying socially distanced where possible, that it is still possible to have a fun and enjoyable experience here with the gaming, so much so that we've decided to nudge up our capacity.

Capacity Increases

Updated October 8, 2021

Beginning October 11, our new capacity cap will be 40-44 players. This cap will vary based on the types of games being played and the general level of foot traffic in the store.

As with our previous capacity cap, we'll be re-evaluating it on a monthly basis. If things look good and we haven't had any issues with the current level of safety protocols, then we'll raise it up a little higher! So keep masking up, and get vaccinated so you can come join us for events!  

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