Updated Covid-19 Response

Updated Covid-19 Response

In an ongoing commitment to the safety of our team and our guests, here is a quick update to our In-Store Play safety guidelines that we released earlier this summer. We will continue to monitor the spread of Covid-19 and its variants as well as the efforts to abate the pandemic, and as necessary update our own protocols.

Covid-19 Response Update

Updated June 6, 2022

June 6 Update: Due to the rising case counts and hospitalizations due to Covid, we have opted to hold off on making this change for another month. We continue to ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to adapt to this new version of the pandemic. Our highest priority is to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all of our customers and community.

Howdy folks! Quick update for y'all. Since the ending of the mask mandate here in Washington, we have continued to monitor the case counts. While they remain higher than we would prefer, we are at the point where we can safely begin to relax some of the remaining restrictions here at the store.

Beginning July 1, we will allow customers who are here to browse and shop to choose for themselves whether to wear a mask or not. This new policy applies only to shopping and browsing patrons.

Players or folks looking to use our tables will still be required to mask up while gaming or using the gaming area. We feel that the close proximity of the gaming tables very much necessitates an added level of precaution.

Our staff will continue to mask up here at the store, both for our safety and yours. We will also continue to employ the ongoing safeguards of adjusted thermostats to optimize airflow and the use of 3 fairly powerful air filters that are rated to deal with Covid. 

For those of you who are immunocompromised and still wish to shop with us, we ask you to get in touch with us before you visit. Please call ahead or email, and we can make temporary adjustments to the mask policy to allow for you to safely visit the shop. Your safety and health matters to us.

Lastly, we will to continue to monitor case counts and enforce masking in the store as noted above, regardless of state / local mandates. As a reminder, here are our current health and safety policies that remain in place:

  • We ask that you remain masked (using a well-fitted mask that covers both nose and mouth) while at our tables or if you are attending events at the store for a prolonged period.
  • Food at the tables will be prohibited for the time being. Drinks are allowed, but please bear in mind that we expect you to still keep your mask on while at the tables. If you need to take a drink, please do so away from others or outside.
  • Customers and guests who cannot abide by the above policies, or who have to be reminded more than twice to keep their masks up while at tables will be asked to step leave and return with a better fitting mask. 

As always, our capacity will continue to flex in order to maintain a safe and healthy gaming environment. A big thanks to you in advance for being patient and understanding with us as we navigate these changes!