Zendikar Rising and the Return of Weekly Events

by Phoenix Comics and Games

It’s time to play some magic! We’ve prepped our discord and tested out our new tournament software. Now we’re ready to rollout a new lineup of socially distanced weekly events that you can participate in without leaving the comfort of your home! Read on to find out more on how to sign up and participate in these Magic webcam events…starting off with the Zendikar Rising Prerelease! 

September 18-21 - Zendikar Rising Prerelease Weekend

We’re offering up 6 webcam prerelease events for Zendikar rising. Each event can host up to 24 players, and more events may be made available if there’s demand later in the week! Here are the dates and times for each prerelease we currently have in the queue:

  • Flight 1 – Friday, September 18, 6 PM
  • Flight 2 – Saturday, September 19, 12 PM
  • Flight 3 – Saturday, September 19, 6 PM
  • Flight 4 – Sunday, September 20, 12 PM
  • Flight 5 – Sunday, September 20, 6 PM
  • Flight 6 – Monday, September 21, 6 PM

You may notice some changes on our events lineup for prerelease (as opposed to the ones from the before times).  For starters, there’s no 3 PM Friday event, and there’s no 2 headed giant event, there’s a Monday event…and there’s no time allocated in each event for deck construction.  The main reason for each of these decisions is to better accommodate the webcam based format. We’ll explain about that in a minute. 

Each flight can be preregistered for by going to our events page here. Make sure to fill in your name and Wizards Account email information so that we can add you to the event hosted in the Magic Companion app.

Making Prereleases-At-Home Work

Preregistration is a must.  Beginning at 3 PM on Friday, prerelease kits must be picked up by players prior to the event beginning. Because of this, there’s not going to really be time for folks to walk in last minute, pick up a prerelease kit and head home. So make sure you register ahead of time. (Important Note: if you’ve registered for more than one prerelease, you can pick up all of your prerelease kits in one trip!)

Round One begins at Event Start.  Because everyone will have access to their prerelease kits ahead of time, we’re going to say that you can open your prerelease kits the moment you get home with them. Take your time, get to know the cards, and get to building! So when the time comes for your prerelease to start, everyone should have a deck built and be ready to go.

Please allow 24 for prizes to be available. Because these events are taking place remotely we’re asking for a day to make sure we get accurate event results and prize tallies back to our in-store staff. Speaking of which – prizes are awarded on a pack-per-win basis. So for every match win reported, you can pick up one Zendikar Rising draft booster from our front desk next time you stop by!

Weekly Event Line-Ups

We’re going to go back to a time before covid for our line-up of weekly constructed webcam events. And because we’re not able to safely do drafts at this point in our reopening, we’re opting to do a weekly sealed event  on Saturdays instead! With that in mind, here’s what the weekly line up looks like:

  • Tuesdays at 7 PM: Modern
  • Fridays at 7 PM: Standard
  • Saturdays at 12 PM: Sealed

Each of these events can be registered for through our events page here. Prize payouts for Standard and Modern will be in-store store credit, while sealed prize payouts will be in the form of standard legal boosters. (Important Note on Sealed: As with our prerelease events, sealed events do involve a trip to the store to pick up your sealed pool).

Need a primer on how to get setup for webcam events?  We've got you covered!

These new weekly events begin Saturday, September 5th with an Ikoria Sealed!  Don’t delay, preregister today!

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