Superman: the Harvests of Youth Signing

Superman: the Harvests of Youth Signing


Hey there Phoenix friends! Comic creator Sina Grace will be joining us this November to sign copies of his newest book - Superman: the Harvests of Youth. Interested? Details on the signing, including date, time, and other details are below!

Superman: Harvests of Youth Signing Details

Let's start with the basics! Date, time, and all that jazz.

Date: November 18th, 2023

Time: 1 - 4 PM

Event Details

Sina Grace is an American comics artist, writer, editor, and so much more. His comic credits include Marvel's Astonishing Iceman, Boom's Go Go Power Rangers as well as his own more recent works Getting it Together and Rockstar and Softboy Go to Space. And now, Sina's joining us as part of a big ole book tour to celebrate his newest books - Superman: the Harvests of Youth.

The Harvests of Youth puts all of Sina's artistic skills and writing experience on display in one solid, well paced young adult graphic novel that grapples with the struggles of those on the outside growing up in rural America. 

So join us on Saturday, November 18th and meet Sina. We'll have copies of Superman: the Harvests of Youth as well as limited copies of several of his other works!