Summer RPG Faire

Summer RPG Faire

The days are long and hot now. That means it's time to stay inside, crank up the fans and AC, and play some RPGs! Don't have a group, or need a new group to play with? We've got you covered with another installment of our RPG Faire! Inerested? Read on and find out more about how you can participate!

RPG Faire Details

First thing's first - let's make sure all the top-line details are in one place, shall we? Here's all the dates and deadlines that you'll want to be aware of if you want to participate in this event!

Deadline for GM Table Submissions: Midnight, July 27th

Date: Saturday, August 3th, 2024

Time: 1-4 PM

Now then, let's talk about what we're up to with this event!

RPG Faire Basics

Our RPG faire is an answer to one of the most common questions we get at the store - "Where can I find a group to play TTRPGs with?" We thought it'd be fun to put together a bit of an RPG mixer. We aim to put GMs and players in the same room, give them the tools to put a successful group together, and do what we can as a store to support those groups!

And it's been a rousing success so far! We've had over a year's worth of RPG Faires now, and each one has resulted in multiple new campaigns founded and countless friendships forged. Who knows, the next new fun campaign you play in could be found right here!

So if you're interested in participating, read on! We have a short section for prospective GMs and another one for players. We'll talk about what you might want to bring with you, and how to make the best use of the event!

GM Information

Alrighty GMs, you're up first. Maybe you've got a very specific idea for a game, or maybe you've just been looking for an opportunity to try something new. Heck, you could just really want to run an old favorite module right outta the book. All of these approaches are valid and welcome at the Faire.

What you'll Want / Things to Consider:

  • Prepare your pitch! What's your game about? If you were presenting it as a trailer for a movie, what would it sound like? Give us a good paragraph or two to pitch your game to your prospective players. We'll give it a prominent spot on your flyer
  • Consider the Content. Is your game going to involve dark or mature themes? That's okay by us, but make sure your players know!
  • Think about when you'll play and how long you want the campaign to run. Make sure you have a dedicated weekend or weeknight available or in mind, and give your prospective players a heads up with regard to what they're signing up for.
  • Bring the basic books. Please bring a player's guide or core rulebook for the system you're planning to use! Any other additional splat-books or sourcebooks are also welcome, but the core books are going to be the most helpful for familiarizing your players with the world and the system you want to immerse them in.
  • Get creative! We encourage you to bring maps, props, and other art to illustrate and present your campaign! You'll have a table to make use of however you see fit.
  • Join our discord. Don't be afraid to use our server to help organize your players and coordinate schedules. We've got rooms available for voice chatting and a dedicated space for RPG chat.
  • Fill out our GM Fair questionnaireThis will give us an idea for how many tables to set aside, and what other materials we can prepare for you ahead of time.

Quick Note on Space: We have room for approximately 13 GMs (1 per table). If we exceed that number of sign-ups, we'll have to start doubling up on tables. If that happens we'll let you know as soon as we do.

The sign up deadline is midnight July 27th! After that, we'll review all the responses from GMs and prep some signs for each of you, along with some flyers for your tables. We'll also provide sign-up lists for interested players. 

Gear Up Coupons!

As a bonus incentive to participate, we'll include a coupon with your GM flyers for 15% off any one RPG book purchase that works for both you and your players (one coupon per person). We're here to help you get geared up for your campaign, and what sort of game store would we be if we didn't find a way to make that a little easier on you?

Player Information

Alright players, your turn! We'll be giving GMs a chance to show you their stuff, so we need you to be here too. Please be considerate of the time and effort each of them went through to be here. 

Here's stuff to for you to consider / Stuff to bring:

  • What's your availability? Most games run weekly or bi-weekly. Is that something you could commit to doing?
  • How long of a campaign are you in for? Are you looking for a short 3-6 month thing, or something longer?
  • Do you have a character idea or concept you want to use? Write down notes for that character! What are their desires, needs, and goals? What genres of games will they fit into?
  • Bring Pens, Paper, Dice. We'll have some pens and paper available at each table, and dice (for sale) of course, but it never hurts to bring your own!

Signing up at a table does not mean you are required to join any campaign! Organizing and discussion can happen in our Discord, and the lists are so that GMs can be in touch with you. You can sign up for and attend as many campaigns as you'd like as long as they all work with everyone's schedules.

After the faire and once all campaigns are organized and set to fire, we suggest that you host at least the first 3-5 sessions in our store before groups discuss moving to another location. Give things time to cement into place, and please respect the wishes of players and GMs who do not wish to attend in private settings. Remember, virtual sessions are still a thing that can happen.

Can't make this event? Not sure if you can commit right now? Don't worry! You can always ask around in the discord server a few days afterwards. And there will always be others! We run these events every 2-3 months going forward. Keep your eyes peeled for another one of these blog posts with information on the next one. We hope to see you then!