November and December Magic Schedule

by Phoenix Comics and Games

November’s here, and with it the end of this roller coaster of a year is in sight! And if you’re getting ready to hunker down during the winter months, we’ve got some good news for you – you can play Magic from the warmth and safety of your home. Here’s our schedule of events for the entirety of November and December. 

Constructed Events – Still Free to Play!

As with our October events, we’re keeping everything free to play. People are still getting used to playing online, and we want these to be as low-impact as we can get. Prizes for each free event are as follows:

  • For every 2 people that enter an event, we’ll put 1 regular promo pack into the pool.
  • For every 4 people that enter an event, we’ll put in 1 foil promo pack into the pool.

As an example, the prize support for an 8 person event will look like this:

  • 3-0 – 2 Foil Promo Packs + 1 Regular Promo Pack
  • 2-1 – 1 Regular Promo Pack

And if free promo packs aren't enough, maybe you'll be interested in this second part - just by attending an event, you're taking another step towards winning your pick from our collection of Secret Lairs.

Attendance Incentives - Secret Lairs

So starting with November, we’re keeping track of attendance, and the player who attends the most single events each month will get to pick from a selection of our Secret Lair stock. We've been getting these in waves since we became a premium store, and as we head into the gift-giving season, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to hand out a few of these to some lucky players. I don't have a full list of the ones available, but here are a few I know we've received:

  • Secret Lair: Thalia and the Helvault
  • Secret Lair: Year of the Rat
  • Secret Lair: April Fools
  • Secret Lair Godzilla Lands
  • Secret Lair Full Sleeves

Commander Legends Prerelease

Just in case you missed it – Commander Legends previews are happening soon! We’ve got a number of prerelease events scheduled this month. You can preregister for them here:

Tuesday Night Magic Schedule

Our Tuesday Night magic events have easily been the best and most consistently attended events, so we’ll be keeping the same alternating schedule as before:

  • November 3 – Webcam Modern
  • November 10 – Arena Historic
  • November 17 – Webcam Modern
  • November 24 – Arena Historic
  • December 1 – Webcam Modern
  • December 8 – Arena Historic
  • December 15 – Webcam Modern
  • December 22 – Arena Historic
  • December 29 – Webcam Modern 

Saturday Afternoon Magic Schedule

We’ve had a number of requests for Pioneer, and since Sealed hasn’t really been all that nice a replacement for draft, we’re going to replace Sealed with Webcam Pioneer for November and December. We’re also going to skip the weeks for November 28, December 26, and January 2 due to encroaching holidays. So when all those things are put together, you get a schedule that looks like this:

  • November 7 – Arena Standard
  • November 14 – Webcam Sealed Prerelease for Commander Legends
  • November 21 – Pioneer Webcam
  • November 28 – Skip Week Due to Holiday
  • December 5 – Arena Standard
  • December 12 – Pioneer Webcam
  • December 19 – Arena Standard
  • December 26 – Skip Week Due to Holiday
  • January 2 - Skip Week Due to Holiday

And that’s the schedule for the rest of the year! We’ll be back later in December with January and February’s schedule, which will include prerelease events for Kaldheim.

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