Mini-Painting Jam!

Mini-Painting Jam!

Hi y’all, Sloane here with some very exciting news. Saturday, March  23rd is going to be our second Phoenix Miniature Paint Night! We’re inviting painters of all skill levels to come out and paint minis with us here at the store from 5pm until the store closes at 9pm. 

Phoenix Mini-Painting Jam Session

So here's how this is gonna work. We'll have four tables set aside with space for you to paint to your heart's content! I'll be there with some of my own minis that I'll be painting. You should bring some of yours too! Here's a few things you might want to consider bringing:

  • A few minis you want to get painted.
  • Any brushes and paints you already own.
  • Any other supplies you want to make use of (flocking, paint pallets, magnifying glass setups, etc.)

This is going to be a great opportunity to meet other miniature painters to trade tips and tricks and maybe set up some games. It’ll also be a great opportunity for folks who are interested in learning how to paint – we’ll be stocked up on pre-primed minis and learn to paint kits, so newbies can grab some supplies and jump right in to painting.

All Warhammer and WizKids mini-painting starter kits will be 15% off during the event to encourage new painters, and I’m sure all the painting vets there will be happy to support those who are just learning.

I’m personally really excited for this event. I love painting miniatures and it’s always a lot of fun when I get a chance to paint while hanging out with friends. I’m also super stoked to get a chance to meet other folks in the community who are just as passionate as I am. We’re using this first event to gauge interest in miniature gaming in general, and if this goes well we hope to follow it up with even more miniature-related events, so I hope I’ll see you all there!