January Events Changeups

January Events Changeups

New Year, new schedule! As we head into 2023, we're making some small tweaks to our weekly line up. Want to find out what’s changing? Read on to find out more!

2023 Weekly Adjustments

Going into the new year, we do have to immediately reckon with the state of Magic: the Gathering. The game has most certainly picked up the pace of new sets, and player feedback about the way we run our draft schedule has told me that they could definitely use more time with each set to really understand it and fully enjoy it before putting it down.  

Draft Events

With that in mind, we’re going to sunset (for now) the flashback drafts that we’d been doing on Tuesday nights, in favor of a rotation. 

Fridays will remain the “current set” draft day, while Tuesdays will become the previous set’s draft day (post-prerelease draft not withstanding). So for example, here’s what our schedule will look like this January and February:

  • Tuesday, January 3 – Brothers’ War
  • Friday, January 6 – Dominaria Remastered (Preview Weekend Events)
  • Tuesday, January 10 – Brothers’ War
  • Friday, January 13 – Dominaria Remastered (Launch Event)
  • Tuesday, January 17 – Brothers’ War
  • Friday, January 20 – Dominaria Remastered
  • Tuesday, January 24 – Brothers’ War
  • Friday, Janaury 27 – Dominaria Remastered
  • Tuesdays, January 31 – Dominaria Remastered
  • Friday, February 3 – Phyrexia All Will Be One (Prerelease Weekend)
  • Tuesday, February 7 - Phyrexia All Will Be One (Prerelease Draft)
  • Friday, February 10 - Phyrexia All Will Be One (Launch Weekend)
  • Tuesday, February 14 - Dominaria Remastered
  • Friday, February 17 - Phyrexia All Will Be One 
  • Tuesday, February 21 - Dominaria Remastered
  • Friday February 24 - Phyrexia All Will Be One
  • Tuesday, February 28 - Dominaria Remastered

Don't worry if that looks a little hard to parse from here. It's all up on our events calendar! 

We hope that this schedule affords everyone the capacity to draft the sets they want to draft long enough to really maximize their enjoyment of them while still also keeping pace with the aggressive schedule this year. We’re also watching this carefully, and will throw the occasional flashback draft into Tuesdays if we need to, or if the schedule calls for it. Again, our goal here is to give things more space to breath, not deluge people with too much too fast.


On the constructed side, we’ve had a unanimous ask from our Legacy crowd about de-sanctioning the event so that playtest cards can be used to open up the group to a broader audience.

So we’re going to do just that. Starting Thursday, January 5, playtest cards will be allowed at our weeknight legacy events.

What is a Playtest Card?

Different people have different ideas for what a proxy / playtest card looks like, so let's define it shall we? A playtest card should have the card’s text box clearly printed on them, and preferably also have the appropriate art where applicable. Cards should be sleeved with opaque backed sleeves, and our event judge reserves the right to check the playtest cards should there be any issues that arise.

Examples include everything from playtest cards printed on regular paper and sleeved alongside cards to custom playtest cards that can be purchased in bulk online. As long as it can be readily understood what card you're playing, it's legal in the legacy format, and it doesn't impact the play experience, you're probably okay to play with it. 

And that's it! We'll be back with another update in mid-February about the events line-up for March, April, and May. We've got a lot in mind, including a Magic learn to play event, our Spring RPG Faire, and more!