Get Ready to Vote!

by Phoenix Comics and Games

Wow, it's already October, which means the election is right around the corner. It's time to check up on your voter registration and get ready to vote not just in this year's presidential election, but also to participate in choosing who represents you in the US Congress, Senate, and in local matters such as state legislature and city council. Your vote is important and this year, more than maybe any year prior, it matters that you get out there any cast your ballot.

So please, take a moment to check and make sure you're registered to vote. And when you do, here's an endorsement from your friendly local comic and game store:

Please Vote for Joe Biden / Kamala Harris this November

While you're out there voting, please vote for other Democrats (the more progressive the better) when filling out your ballot this month. Need a good progressive voting guide? Here's one by Fuze.

We wouldn't normally get out there and endorse anyone like this, but no one who works here can stomach the direction we're heading as a country. We all want change, and the first step towards securing a prosperous future for ourselves and the generations that follow us starts with every single one of us.

So please, take some time to educate yourself on the choices you have coming up this year. Talk to your friends, neighbors, and family and make sure they're doing the same (especially if they live in swing-states). Encourage them to check their own voter registration status, and help them have a plan for when they go vote this year. 

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