Free Comic Book Day 2024

Free Comic Book Day 2024

Free Comic Book Day is here again! This year’s celebration of our national comic book store holiday will take place May 4, 2024 and last all day long. From when we open at 10 AM until we close at 9 PM, you’ll have an opportunity to partake of up to four tables full of a bounty of free comics. We’ll also be hosting local comic creators signing copies of their works! 

Free Comic Book Day 2024

If you’re wondering what Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is, or how it works, wonder no more! Every year publishers from across the comics industry put together short and fun comics that they make available to us, your friendly local comic shops, at a pretty low price. We buy bunches of these books and turn around and give them away for free on FCBD.

Our goal?

Spread the word and joy that comics are for EVERYONE! Want a horror comic? We’ll have a couple! Romance more your angle? We’ve got you covered. There’s comics for adults, kids, teens, and readers of all genders, orientations, and persuasions.

What kind of comics will be out on FCBD? Well here’s a wide assortment of them!

This list isn’t comprehensive, but it does show the majority of the books coming out. And of course, Marvel and DC will each have their own books making appearances. We’ll also have a small amount of last year’s FCBD books out on the tables, just in case you missed them in 2023.

Restrictions and Accomodations During FCBD 2024

Not to take away from anyone’s good time, but there are a couple of things we want to make folks aware of during FCBD. We’re setting aside part of our day to make the store more accommodating for the immunocompromised, and we’ll also have some restrictions on how many comics folks can partake of for part of the day.

Accommodations for the Immunocompromised

In order to make FCBD truly open for everyone, we are going to require masking in-store for the first hour of the day (10 AM - 11 AM). After 11 AM, masks will be optional for folks browsing and shopping at the store. 

Free Comic Limits

Because we want to make sure these books last the whole of the day, we often put restrictions on how many free comics folks can take at the very start of the day. We anticipate these restrictions lasting until the end of our creator signing window this year (about 4 PM), at which point you’ll be able to have your fill of whatever’s left. All we ask is that you only take what you want to read, and that you enjoy yourself!

Alright - not fun stuff done! Back to the fun stuff with information on our storewide sale!

FCBD Storewide Sale

In addition to being an awesome day to get free comics, FCBD is also our birthday. As has become customary on this hallowed comic book holiday (and birthday), we're holding a special store-wide sale with a randomized discount!

3D6 Percent Off Everything in the store!

Yup, you read that right. Every year we offer folks a chance to roll up a bonus discount on whatever they buy. So when you reach the counter, you can roll three 6-sided dice. You'll get that discount on whatever you're picking up that day!

And just to make sure there are no bad-feels from low-rolls, we have the following guaranteed discounts on product based on how much you're picking up:

  •   5% minimum off purchases of $50 or more
  • 10% minimum off purchases of $100 or more
  • 15% minimum off purchases $150 or more
  • 18% off purchases of $250 or more

Fine Print Here: Certain items, like sealed magic / pokemon boxes, are already discounted and can't be further discounted. Those items still count towards your purchases for a percentage discount though! Discounts are capped at 18% off, including subscription discounts.

Creator Signings

We’ve got four wonderful creators lined up for you this year! Creator signing hours this year will run from 11 AM - 2 PM. That said, not all of our creators may not be able to stay for the full four hours, so if there is someone on this list that you want to see, definitely plan to come early!

G Willow Wilson

Probably most well known as the creator of Kamala Khan (AKA Ms Marvel), Willow is a long time comics writer and friend of the shop. In addition to writing Ms Marvel for five years and a stint on X-Men for Marvel, Willow has written Wonder Woman for DC, and is currently working on an absolutely stellar run of Poison Ivy. And if big-two comics aren't your thing, she's also written a three volume series about nuns in space called Invisible Kingdom!

Zack Davisson

Writer, editor, lecturer, and translator, Zack has contributed to the comics world  with his translation work on series like Show: a History of Japan, and Shigeru Mizuki's Kitaro series! More recently, Zack's been doing some real good work for Marvel as a part of the Demon Days series and working on Cat + Gamer, a lovely manga where a gamer decides to apply video game tactics to max out her adopted feline friend.

Tatiana Gill

Tatiana is an absolutely stellar local illustrator and author with a penchant for comics involving body positivity, mental health, and social activism. She's been featured on the Capitol Hill art walk numerous times, and has worked public health agencies to promote safe disposal of medications. Her published works include Living in the Pandemic, Disabused, Head Meds and Other Stories, Wombgenda and more!

And that’s what’s happening at Phoenix for Free Comic Book Day 2024! We hope you’ve already saved the date (May 4th) and are making plans to come join us for some or all of it! Remember, if you want to make the rounds and support all your friendly local comic shops, there’s a super nice comic locator service up on FCBD’s website ( ) that can help! And please, don’t forget to support your FLCS. We all appreciate it!