December Holiday Events and Hours

December Holiday Events and Hours

It's been a doozy of a year, but it's finally coming to a close! We've got some last minute fun events for you this December, not to mention some adjusted hours during the holidays. To find out what we're talking about, read on!

December Events

Despite the wintery holiday rush, we've still got a few notable events happening this month! At the top of the month, we've got a trifecta consisting of our RPG Fair, Jumpstart Launch weekend event, and Modern RCQ. Later on, we'll be hosting our second Commander Party event as well!

RPG Fair - December Edition

If you're a tabletop RPG player and you're looking for a new group this holiday season, this is the event for you! We're working with a few area GMs to set up a 'job fair' style mixer that aims to put players and GMs together to form groups! You can read more about that over on our blog post here, or just show up December 3rd from 1-4 PM and see what's going on!

Jumpstart Launch Weekend Event

Jumpstart 2022 is happening Friday December 2, and we're having a launch party to celebrate! This event will consist of up to 4 rounds of swiss style play using Jumpstart 2022 packs. Each player will receive 3 Jumpstart 2022 packs, of which they'll pick 2 to form their deck.

All participants will receive a promo for playing, and we'll be offering up a pack for every round players are victorious! Sound like fun? Head over to our event calendar and preregister now!

Modern Regional Championship Qualifier (2 Seat Event)

Our last RCQ of the season, and it's Modern! Come join us December 4 for our final competitive event of the year, and a chance to not only win bunches of store credit, but cool promos and a seat at the upcoming US Regionals. The top two players from this event will qualify, so sign up today and start prepping your modern deck!

Commander Party

Calling all commander players! We're holding our Brothers' War Commander party December 17th from 1-4 PM. Take a break from your holiday shenanigans and come destroy each other in a fun free for all event with special rules based around the story of the Brothers' War. Our Dominaria event was really fun, and this one also looks like it'll be a blast.

Plus - all participants will receive a special Phyrexian text Psychosis Crawler promo. No sign-ups necessary either. This event is free! Just bear in mind that we will only have space for 32 participants, so show up by 1 PM to claim your space.

Holiday Hours

The holiday season should be a time of rest and relaxation. And let's be honest - this year's been a heckuva lot for most of us. So in deference to our team here, we'll be taking the week after Christmas a little bit easy with some adjusted hours.

Running from December 26 - 30, we'll be open 11 AM - 8 PM, with regular hours December 24th and 31st (that's 10 AM - 9 PM). We'll be back to regular hours on Monday, January 2.

As such, we are not planning to host any week night events during that period. Players are welcome to come join us for a couple of hours while we're open, but we're not planning to host our usual suite of week night events that week.