Commander Legends Prerelease Info and More!

by Phoenix Comics and Games

It’s finally upon us! Commander Legends is coming up soon, and with it a host of over 100 commanders to choose from and a spicy new limited format, it’s time to talk about this first-ever commander draft set. Here we’ll be looking at how the limited format works, what to expect, and how to preregister for one of our prerelease events.

What is Commander Legends?

Commander Legends is the first ‘commander style’ set that’s meant to be drafted and played in limited formats. Each draft booster pack will have 20 cards.  Of those twenty, two spots in the pack will have legendary creatures in them, and 1 slot will have a guaranteed foil. This set also brings back the partner mechanic, enabling a lot more versatility when it comes to the limited format. For a more extensive / in depth look at the set, here's set designer Gavin Verhey expounding on it at length.

Commander Legends Limited

Wondering what draft and sealed formats look like in Commander Legends? Pretty similar to regular events, but with a fun couple of twists thrown in for good measure. Some of these are pretty straightforward while others require a bit more planning (especially in draft).  Let’s take a look:

  • During drafting players make 2 picks at a time from the packs.
  • Minimum Deck Size is 60 cards (up from 40) for both Sealed and Draft
  • All decks require a commander to play (which does determine the colors you can use)
  • Starting Life total is 40
  • Commander damage is still tracked

Looks kinda fun right?  Sort of like a mix of commander and limited formats. Wanna give it a try? Check out our prerelease schedule!

Prerelease Dates and Times

We’ve got 3 sealed prerelease events lined up for folks to participate in before the set comes out. Since in-store play is still not a thing that can happen, we’ll be doing these on our discord via webcam. Said events will be managed and paired via the new Magic companion app, so if you haven’t already done so, go download it today on your tablet or smartphone.

Dates and Times: 

If you haven’t done a sealed event via webcam before, you’ll want to preregister for the event or events that you want to participate in ahead of time. If you need help figuring out how to get your webcam setup for playing over discord or spelltable, here’s a short article we put together with some examples of what a good play space should look like. 

Once you’ve preregistered, stop by the store anytime after we open on Friday, November 13th to pick up your sealed pool(s), then head home and get started building! You have from the time you pick up your cards until the event starts to build out your deck and get it ready for playing.

Preorders Now Online Too!

Want to preorder a draft box for you and your friends? How bout a collector’s booster box for those really fancy new showcase cards?  We’ve got you covered here.

Commander Legends is slated to release on Friday, November 21.

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