April and May Event Schedules Plus In-Store Play Updates

April and May Event Schedules Plus In-Store Play Updates

We've made it through 2nd March and there's light at the end of our digitally distanced events tunnel, so let's take a moment to talk about the events of April and May! And while we're at it, we'll touch on what the return to in-store play might look like, and when to expect it (spoiler: June-July-ish probably).

April and May Event Schedules

As with previous iterations of this little update, here's a list of our Tuesday Night and Saturday Afternoon event lineups, along with the join codes for each event. Each of these events is free to play, so if you've got a deck that you can play, why not join in?

Tuesday Night Magic

  • April 6 - Modern Webcam (3482X8)
  • April 13 - Historic Arena (5GYW7G)
  • April 20 - Modern Webcam (X5JYVP)
  • April 27 - Historic Arena (MNMWV2)
  • May 4 - Modern Webcam (DE544Y)
  • May 11 - Historic Arena (G3JMMR)
  • May 18 - Modern Webcam (83EJJZ)
  • May 25 - Historic Arena (NP4EEG)

Saturday Afternoon Standard

  • April 3 - Webcam Standard (DD26J8)
  • April 10 - Arena Standard (V3E8WW)
  • April 16-18 - Strixhaven Prerelease Weekend!
  • April 24 - Arena Standard (J7V8Y8)
  • May 1 - Webcam Standard (6VYE7R)
  • May 8 - Arena Standard (3YPZ7X)
  • May 15- Webcam Standard (Y76WW2)
  • May 22 - Arena Standard (ZMJEE4)
  • May 29 - Webcam Standard (W6JZZD)

Commander Sundays - Every Sunday (except April 18) starting at 1:30 PM! Bring your favorite commander deck and let's get more people involved. No prizes or buy-in here, just a few games of commander on a Sunday afternoon. 

Strixhaven Prerelease Events - We're hosting 3 events (Friday April 16 through Sunday April 18), and you've got your choice of 5 different colleges! Check out our Strixhaven Prerelease Primer for more information, or go to our events page to sign up for the college and time of your choice!

Looking to the Horizon

So before I get into discussions of returning to in-store play, a quick reminder about yet another Magic set on the Horizon - Modern Horizons 2 drops in early June! There's gonna be set boosters, collectors boosters, draft boosters and in another first for a supplemental set - Prerelease Packs and an honest to goodness prerelease! So look for our Modern Horizons 2 Prerelease Events to happen June 4-6. Save those dates!

Returning to In-Person Play

As we head towards the middle of the year the vaccination rollout is really starting to pickup steam. We know that a lot of you are chomping at the bit to get back in here and start playing in-person games again. So while we urge your patience, let's talk about the factors that will let us reopen for in-store play, and what that rollout looks like when it happens.

When it comes to reopening the store for in-person play, we're gauging our risk here based on three main factors.

  • Is our staff fully vaccinated?
  • Are the rates of new covid-19 infections low and falling?
  • Is our retail capacity high enough to allow us to have customers in store in addition to players in the back participating in events?

I'm happy to report that our staff is all eager and ready to get vaccinated. Several of us are already in queue to go get our first shots, and with the recent announcement that everyone who wants a vaccine can get on beginning April 15, my expectation is that our staff should be fully vaccinated by mid-late June. 

As far as the other criteria are concerned - that's a factor of our environment. Please, do your part to keep socially distancing a while longer. Get vaccinated when you can, and encourage others to do the same. Once I'm satisfied our staff is properly protected, we'll begin a phased ramp-up to in-store play again. We'll put out a bit more information on all that in late April / Early May (once we've got an idea of how-fast the mass vaccination rollout is happening).

Until then, please be patient and give some of those socially distanced Magic events a try! And thank you to everyone who's continuing to do the right thing by masking up and staying safe!