UG Smarthive 400+ Black

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    Premium card games need premium protection! Show your love for Magic: The Gathering with our exciting new line of MTG-branded products sporting the iconic Planeswalker symbol with a shiny metallic-style finish!

    The Smarthive 400+ is an intelligently designed deck case, that serves all the needs of modern card gaming. Not only does it hold multiple card decks and accessories, but it's removable cover also serves as a play-mat, using the extra smooth microfiber inner material of the box as playing surface. The newly developed, extra strong magnetic closure ZnapClaw keeps the case safely closed at all times.

    What this amazing box can hold:

    4 × Sidewinder™ 80+
    or 4 × Sidewinder™ 100+
    or 4 × Boulder™ 100+
    or 4 × 2 × Sidewinder™ 100+ and 2 × Boulder™ 100+

    (Accessories and deck boxes not included).


    - $64.99

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