Brothers' War Prerelease Flight 5 (2 Headed Giant)

Brothers' War Prerelease Flight 5 (2 Headed Giant)

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Urza / Urza Urza / Mishra Mishra / Mishra

This November, it’s time to reinvent the past to retake the future. And we’re headed back to the first and largest conflict in Magic’s history – the Brothers’ War. Choose a side and assemble your army of artifice in a conflict that will reshape the world of Dominaria.

Join us for a special 2-Headed Giant prerelease event! This prerelease event will be a limited format event that pits teams of players against each for up to 4 rounds of swiss style play.  More information can be found on our Brothers’ War Prerelease Info blog.

​​Covid-19 Safety Note: Masks are required to attend this event. For more information, please see our covid-19 response here.​​

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