Modern Horizons 2 Webcam Prerelease Event
Magic: The Gathering

Kick off a summer of legendary magic with a prerelease for Modern Horizons 2! Since we have limited capacity these days, we're offering a webcam event as well! As with previous webcam events, you'll need to pick up your pack at the store prior to the event. You'll have from the time you pick up your pack until the event starts to open your packs and construct your deck! Once you have your deck assembled, you'll meet up in our discord server with other players and we'll get started! The format for this event will be sealed, with up to 4 rounds of swiss style play.

Prizes for this event are pack-per-win, with set boosters as the prizes! Each round you are victorious gets you one Modern Horizons 2 Set booster when you’re finished with the event


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Modern Horizons 2 Webcam Prerelease Event (Sunday, June 13)

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