Midnight Hunt Prerelease Flight 4: Saturday 5 PM
Magic: The Gathering

Covid-19 Safety Note: Proof of vaccination and masks are required to attend this event. For more information, please see our covid-19 response here.

This September we return to the gloomy gothic horror world of Innistrad! Stripped of her protector Avacyn, the balance of the plane has shifted from light to dusk, and now into the deep of night. It’s time for the Midnight Hunt.

Join us September 17-19 for a special sneak peak at this new upcoming Magic set, and get a chance to play with cards you haven’t seen before! Each event will be 3-4 rounds of swiss style play, with pack-per-win style prizes. For more details, please see our prerelease info blog here.

Prizes for this event will be pack-per-win. For every round you win, you’ll receive one Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set booster when you leave the event.


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