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March of the Machine Prerelease Flight 5 (2 Headed Giant)
Magic: The Gathering

Phyrexia has been unleashed on the multiverse, and it’s time to fight back! Join your favorite planeswalkers, their enemies, allies, and more as they team up to battle the relentless March of the Machine. Join us for a prerelease event to celebrate and get access to the cards before anyone else!

This event will be 2-Headed Giant sealed format tournament consisting of 4 rounds of swiss style play. Each team will receive two prerelease packs upon check-in, and be given 45 minutes to build two 40 card sealed deck using the cards found inside both prerelease packs. Cards may be shared within the combined pool, and basic lands are provided as needed!

Prizes for this event will be pack per win! Every round your team is victorious gets you both one March of the Machine set booster when you’re finished (2 boosters per team per win).


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