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Magic Commander 2018 (Preorder)

Commander returns with four new decks featuring twelve premium foil commanders. Choose from one of four decks, or grab a set to play with friends! The decks this year are as follows:

  • Exquisite Inventions (Blue / Red) 
  • Nature's Vengeance (Black / Red / Green)
  • Adaptive Enchantment (White / Blue / Green)
  • Subjective Reality (White / Blue / Black)

Each deck contains:

  • A ready-to-play 100-card Commander deck including never-before-printed Magiccards
  • 1 deck storage box
  • 10 token cards
  • Strategy insert
  • Rules reference guide

Please note: These items are on preorder. They won't ship or hit our shelves til August 10th!

Due to export restrictions, this item may only be shipped to addresses in the United States, APO/FPO addresses, and Puerto Rico.