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Magic Commander 2018 (Preorder)

Commander returns with four new decks featuring twelve premium foil commanders. Choose from one of four decks, or grab a set to play with friends! The decks this year are as follows:

  • Exquisite Inventions (Blue / Red) 
  • Nature's Vengeance (Black / Red / Green)
  • Adaptive Enchantment (White / Blue / Green)
  • Subjective Reality (White / Blue / Black)

Each deck contains:

  • A ready-to-play 100-card Commander deck including never-before-printed Magiccards
  • 1 deck storage box
  • 10 token cards
  • Strategy insert
  • Rules reference guide

Due to export restrictions, this item may only be shipped to addresses in the United States, APO/FPO addresses, and Puerto Rico.


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