Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Webcam Prerelease Event
Magic: The Gathering

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event is a webcam event! Players will need to pick up their prerelease kit in the store and construct their decks at home prior to the event!

It’s time to light up the night with Kamigawa Neon Dynasty! Sharpen your blades and prepare for Magic’s first cyberpunk-style set! Sound fun, but Covid got you cooped up? Why not join us for a webcam prerelease event over on the Phoenix Discord! This event will be 4 rounds of swiss. For more details, check out our prerelease guide over on the store blog!

Prizes for this event will take the form of 1 pack of Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Set Boosters (or other set boosters) per match win. Prizes can be collected at the store once the event concludes; players who are playing in multiple webcam prerelease events are encouraged to wait until their final event is over before heading in to pick up prizes.


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Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Webcam Prerelease Event - Feb 13, 1 PM

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