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      Abel, Tres and Esther head off on their journey to Rome and the Vatican!  On the way, they run into a powerful vampire on the train, a bloodsucking tree, and a dangerously beautiful mermaid!  A series of stories presented in neither the novels nor the anime, enjoy these wholly original tales of Trinity Blood!  
            Key Selling Points:  
    • Lead TOKYOPOP title:  National consumer print advertising campaign and internet advertising targeting core manga and anime fan sites-more than 2 million impressions
      • Cross-promoted with FUNimation, who is launching the anime in theaters in May and on DVD in Fall 2006 with DVD inserts and giveaways
        • Number 1 on AOL's most anticipated anime list for 2006
          • Gorgeous, gothic action series has a huge following in Japan
            • A Pop Fiction series of Trinity Blood novel will launch Q2 2007
              • Trinity Blood will hit Cartoon Network's Adult Swim line-up in September '06

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