ROADSONG GN VOL 02 (OF 3) (MR) (C: 1-0-0)

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      Simon and Monty head to the South to start their career in playing country music in Nashville.  With the arrest of Monty's father, things get increasingly complicated.  How will the boys deal with this chaos and at the same time, manage to stay alive with the real killers are tracking their every move?  Prepare for an adventure that will keep you at the edge of your seat!  
            Key Selling Points:  
    • Will appeal to fans of the "Beck" manga
      • Stylish art, combined with comedy, action, and romance, will have crossover appeal with both manga fans and mainstream comics fans
        • From an established comic-book creative team:  Allan Gross, the writer, has penned Tarzan stories in comic books and a syndicated newspaper strip
          • Joanna Estep, an award-winning artist, has been published in comic anthologies such as "Fractured Kisses" and "21st Century Romances", as well as having her work serialized on
            • Featured in TOKYOPOP's website, newsblast, and in-manga ads
              • "A-" rating - Play magazine

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