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Preliminary PTQ (11:00 AM, December 16, 2017)

Preliminary PTQ (11:00 AM, December 16, 2017)

Take the first step towards the Magic Pro Tour! Winners of this event qualify for the RPTQ that feeds into Pro Tour Dominaria. 

Date: Saturday, December 16, 2017

Day Of Registration Opens: 10:00 AM

Player Meeting (Event Start Time): 11:00 AM 

Format: Iconic Masters Sealed

Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive

Note: In order to help the tournament start on-time and check-in go smoothly, please input your DCI Number in the Special Instructions for Seller field prior to checking out.  If you do not have a DCI Number or need us to look it up, just put that in there instead. Please also have a deck list available (or arrive early enough to fill one out before the player meeting). You can download a printable form here.



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